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October 21st, 2008

Jeanne says... “ I want Holly Hobbie

Ok, so Jeanne got her extravagant proposal - so now I get my creative, untraditional theme wedding, right? Well, almost. Apparently, this comes with the following stipulations: No Indiana Jones No ninjas vs. pirates No murder mysteries No circus Fine! Fun-sucker. So, 117 dead-in-their-tracks ideas later and we have a theme that we both agree on, is fun, and actually means something. I guess in choosing a wedding theme, it's important to consider incorporating some sort of meaning (la-dee dah!) into your theme. Like, if we were both bakers, we could have a puff pastry theme. Or if we both really enjoyed taxidermy we could have a stuffed animal theme. Or something. Anyway, we met when we both worked at a preschool. And I love all things retro (a highly overused term). So we have agreed on "Old School" as our theme! I'm talkin' vintage toys. Paddle balls, SLINKY's, Spirographs... and, if I can find one, the Evel Knievel stunt cycle I had when I was a kid! The only rule... whatever I do, it has to be pretty. Looks like we're going to be doing some arts & crafts folks... any ideas?

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  1. Andrea Macomber says...

    Ok. I’m in. I’ll get my glue gun out and I will make sure it’s pretty. I think the toys should be the center pieces with flowers. The table numbers can be games instead. How cool. I love it. The party favors can either be a candy table or Boy and girl grab bags. Neat huh??? Talk to you soon. Love ANdrea

  2. Chris says...

    That’s the ticket! :) That’s what I’m saying! I’ve already got like a million ideas – wait till you see the placecards!

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